Graff Gouging machine Services:

Your old Graff machine can be brought back to a precision Double Radius Gouger.

My journey  with this venerable Machine started when I began working with David Weber in Birmingham, AL around 1997.

David and I rented and shared a little office across Hwy 31 just west of his house in Homewood, AL. David moved his reed making to the office. He was in the 2 front rooms and I had the 2 back rooms. The first thing I did was setup a cane processing Line that he is still using today in Chandler, AZ. Thus I could prep a Pound of cane in about 2 hours around 400 to 450 pieces ready to start Gouging.

Then one day he was working on a Graff Machine Setup and was not getting results and asked me to take a look at it. This got my trouble shooting skills stirred up so I had just received my Black Granite surface plate and put the dial indicator on the machine and found out the guide rod was not level with bed and the bed was not level with them ether. So I had observed shims under the ends of the bed and posts this was to me a somewhat crude  and so I came up with the RMT leveling system that solved getting these machines trued up and working so David could do his magic.

At the same time I was working on my design and thus applied my leveling system to the RMT Gouger and David helped me get all the little bugs worked out and I built the Prototype RMT Originals Gouger. David still has this machine and still uses it to gouge cane with.

David was getting and had several machines to get worked on so I set a price for my work and thus working as a team we were able to clear out the backlog and almost quadruple the number of machines that David used to get done  in a whole year in a few months.

We continued to do Graff setups  even after he moved to Chandler, AZ. But now the demand for his oboe repair, Weber bell, and reed making is taking all of his time and he is passing the Mantle on to me to continue what we started as a team effort setting up and restoring Vintage Graff machines and other machine as well. All of what David was doing as to grinding the blade and adjusting the guides and final setup he has confirmed in my work and that I now have a complete grasp of the principles of the proper machine setup.

RMT Originals

Schedule of Services:

Basic RMT Originals Graff Upgrade: $ 450.00

1.  Install RMT Leveling system and setup machine.

2. Bore carrage bushing to 3/8' and install 3/8" Thompson Precision Guide Rod and new posts.

This is the minimum work that I do and the machine should give you years of good service. The bushing can be adjusted for any slack that it might develop by just tightening the 2 clamping screws on the carrage just a little bit, too much will actually tighten the bushing where the carrage will be hard to move.

Deluxe RMT Originals Graff Upgrade: $ 550.00

1. install RMT Leveling System and setup Machine

2. Install Precision 3/8" Thompson Ball Bushings and precision 3/8"  Thompson Guide Rod and new posts.